Hawaii Practical Shooters Firearm Education Certification (click on schedule tab to register)

This education certification will introduce you to the fundamentals of firearms, safe use, handling, and the State’s firearm laws.  Successful completion of the class will include a Firearm Education Certification required for Hawaii’s permit application.  Program of education will include the following.  The certification is provided by an NRA certified instructor.  


In Accordance With HRS 134-2, the education must include:

Classroom instruction to include (4 hours)

Safe use


Storage of firearms and firearms safety in the home

Hawaii State firearms laws

Live fire on the range (2 hours)

Affidavit for firearms education certification


Introduction to USPSA Competition Clinic and 101 Course (click on schedule tab to register)

This clinic will introduce you to the sport of practical shooting and give you the confidence to compete in competitions.  The program will also include the requisite 101 Course for participating in competition with USPSA clubs in Hawaii (Hawaii Practical Shooters, Honolulu RhatRhat Boyz, Mid-Pacific Pistol League and Team Hawaii Shooters). 

Practical Shooting measure the ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a full power handgun. Those three elements - speed, accuracy, and power - is the foundation of practical shooting. By design, each match measures a competitor's ability in all three areas with overarching safety a constant.  During a match, competitors take on obstacle-laden courses (called stages) requiring anywhere from six to 32 shots to complete. The scoring system measures points scored against your time while also incorporating the power factor of your ammunition.  Competitors move, negotiate obstacles, reload, and engage the targets at each stages as fast as their skills will safely allow.  Some stages may not require moving or reloads at all while some may require the use of your strong-hand and/or weak-hand. 

The clinic will have a short classroom portion to cover SAFETY, rules, equipment, scoring, and classes/divisions.  After the classroom portion, each participant will compete in a mini match consisting of two or three stages. Everyone will get to shoot, score, paste targets, and run the stages as a range officer.  Upon completion of the clinic and course, the mystery of competition shooting will be gone and you will realize the FUN of competitive shooting.

Minimum equipment needed:  A semi-automatic pistol of at least 9mm luger caliber, four ten-round magazines, a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard, four magazine pouches, 150 rounds of ammunition, and a sturdy belt. You will also need to bring:  eye and ear protection; your lunch; enthusiasm and a desire to learn. The clinic will have certified USPSA Range Officers to ensure the safety of the participants.